Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Hypnobirthing



“I want to help parents build a lasting bond.”

— Gabriella


"Robyn and I joined Gabriella’s class when she was 6 weeks old as I was looking for something we would both enjoy.  Gabriella is great at making the class a relaxing space and I’ve loved being able to spend an uninterrupted hour bonding with my daughter.

At home we practice daily as part of our bedtime routine; I’ve found it helps to calm her down and prepare her for sleep.

Robyn now loves to be pampered and I’ve learnt a new skill!"

- Rosie Walker, London


" My baby loves Gabriella's baby massage class, he's completely absorbed in it, and it makes him very calm. It's a great way to bond with your baby , as well as to meet other mums! "

- Melanie Montanari, London


" I had tried baby massage before and thought it wasn't really for me but once I started Gabriella's classes that all changed. She is so calming and patient and both Hector and I loved her classes.I would highly recommend to anyone "

- Caroline Brown , London