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Baby Massage
Mum & baby yoga

& Hypnobirthing




“I want to help parents build a lasting bond.”

— Gabriella


-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“I’m always looking forward for Mondays, now that we have the baby yoga session. My daughter loves it and always relaxes afterwards. It’s also a great way for me to see other people and exercise! Couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Audrey ferrara - London

- Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“Gabriella leads a very relaxing hour for both mums and babies. My son loves the massage and baby yoga elements. The class is also informative and can take home everything you learn. The mum yoga is also a nice gentle return to exercising.”

Ioanna Stamati - London

-Hypnobirthing - Birth story

“I want to thank Gabriella and KGhypnobirthing course for helping me believe that natural birth is the right choice.Before I met Gabriella I had only one option of birth for my 1st child in my mind - epidural birth, because everyone was telling me to have it and everyone around me did it. But most all of their stories were negative and full of fear, so was I. 

Gabriella with her confidence and positive energy taught me relaxation techniques, breathing in different stages of labour, visualization and filled me and my husband with confidence and realization that I can do it naturally. 

It was the best experience of my life.Hypnobirthing really helped me not to get scared when the surges were powerful in the end. I had a pool birth even when we didn’t plan it,as the delivery went smooth and fast in the water. My husband’s support helped me the most, he encouraged me to breathe and relax as we practised in the hypnobirthing course with Gabriella.

My surges were for 24 hours and delivery was for 2. I gave birth to a completely healthy baby boy.

Gabriella gave us plenty of knowledge of what to do and how to have a positive birth even if it’s not going according to the birth plan. But I experienced the best birth I could possibly imagine. I had only 2 small tears of level 1. I have been told in the hospital that 80% of women usually get the 2nd level of tears with the 1st born.

Now our son is 3weeks old and I am still using hypnobirthing relaxation techniques with breastfeeding. I can’t even imagine I wouldn’t use any anaesthesia in delivery because women are so strong and it’s so worth doing it naturally for women and babies! 

I would definitely suggest KGhypnobirthing course with Gabriella to any women of all the risks because in the media the perception of giving birth is not positive of how it really is.

- Gayane & Leo, London

-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“Gabriella is lovely and patient. She puts on an excellent class and I find it very informative.My son and I started the class when he was 10 weeks old and we have been back weekly as I find it helps with his colic,digestion,sleep and brain development.I absolutely recommend this class!”

-Bonnie, London

- Hypnobirthing - Birth Story

“Total mind and body alignment, for a truly magical birthing experience.I completed the KGH Hypnobirthing course with my partner and Gabriella taught us how to really tap into our inner self through visualisation and deep breathing. This enabled us to master the technique of staying focused, calm and relaxed so birthing our daughter was every inch the beautiful journey we hoped it would be. Week by week Gabriella introduced the relaxation scripts and gentle massage which helped to anchor our focus and build up our confidence knowing we had the capability and know the knowledge to work towards and have a labour that would be perfect for our baby's arrival.

We highly recommend doing the KGH course with Gabriella. Gabriella is an amazing teacher and she gave us the tools to make this life changing experience the best we could have wished for.

- Naomi & Teddy,London

-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“Both my daughter and I adored this class.Gabriella is incredibly warm and welcoming and extremely patient. She clearly cares deeply about the wellbeing of both the babies and the guardians.It was a sad day when my daughter became too old ( and mobile ) to attend the class.”

- Sophia Walker, London

-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“Gabriella’s Monday baby massage classes are really something I look forward to go to! I have started when my baby was 2.5 months old and I can feel she really enjoys it.My partner attended as well and was very happy to learn massage techniques that we can easily replicate at home on a daily basis. I also like that we end the class with baby yoga.This is a much relaxing class and the atmosphere is very pleasant.”

-Laetitia M, London

-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

“I’m loving Gabriella’s baby massage class.Not only have I seen an improvement in Ruben’s sleeping patterns and constipation problems,but it also gets me out of the house to meet other mums”

-Melina Fenby , London

-Baby massage and mum & baby yoga

"I had been wanting to attend a class with my daughter and was delighted when a friend recommended baby massage. I have enjoyed the sessions from day one. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and caring,she has created an environment where mums can feel relaxed while bonding with their baby as well as learning invaluable skills.

Every week is slighlty different and even though I feel confident using the massage,yoga and stretching techniques at home,I so enjoy this hour in the studio and from what I can tell so does my daughter."

- Natasha Farley , London

-Baby massage and baby yoga

"Robyn and I joined Gabriella’s class when she was 6 weeks old as I was looking for something we would both enjoy.  Gabriella is great at making the class a relaxing space and I’ve loved being able to spend an uninterrupted hour bonding with my daughter.

At home we practice daily as part of our bedtime routine; I’ve found it helps to calm her down and prepare her for sleep.

Robyn now loves to be pampered and I’ve learnt a new skill!"

- Rosie Walker, London


-Baby massage & baby yoga

" My baby loves Gabriella's baby massage class, he's completely absorbed in it, and it makes him very calm. It's a great way to bond with your baby , as well as to meet other mums! "

- Melanie Montanari, London


-Baby massage & baby yoga

" I had tried baby massage before and thought it wasn't really for me but once I started Gabriella's classes that all changed. She is so calming and patient and both Hector and I loved her classes.I would highly recommend to anyone "

- Caroline Brown , London