Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Hypnobirthing



“I want to help parents build a lasting bond.”

— Gabriella


"I had been wanting to attend a class with my daughter and was delighted when a friend recommended baby massage. I have enjoyed the sessions from day one. Gabriella is so knowledgeable and caring,she has created an environment where mums can feel relaxed while bonding with their baby as well as learning invaluable skills.

Every week is slighlty different and even though I feel confident using the massage,yoga and stretching techniques at home,I so enjoy this hour in the studio and from what I can tell so does my daughter."

- Natasha Farley


"Robyn and I joined Gabriella’s class when she was 6 weeks old as I was looking for something we would both enjoy.  Gabriella is great at making the class a relaxing space and I’ve loved being able to spend an uninterrupted hour bonding with my daughter.

At home we practice daily as part of our bedtime routine; I’ve found it helps to calm her down and prepare her for sleep.

Robyn now loves to be pampered and I’ve learnt a new skill!"

- Rosie Walker, London


" My baby loves Gabriella's baby massage class, he's completely absorbed in it, and it makes him very calm. It's a great way to bond with your baby , as well as to meet other mums! "

- Melanie Montanari, London


" I had tried baby massage before and thought it wasn't really for me but once I started Gabriella's classes that all changed. She is so calming and patient and both Hector and I loved her classes.I would highly recommend to anyone "

- Caroline Brown , London