Gabriella is a baby massage, baby yoga and certified DipHb/ KGHypnobirthing teacher. She teaches because she wants to empower other women, giving them the tools to have a positive pregnancy and then supporting both parent and baby post birth. 

Gabriella's love of hypnobirthing began when she used these techniques to birth her daughter. She found it to be a truly magical experience and overwhelmingly empowering. Gabriella felt in control, fearless and learnt how to tap into and follow her true instincts. The hypnobirthing technique helped to make her calm, relaxed and taught her how to stay in the zone for a focused and controlled birth. Gabriella was so impressed by what she was able to achieve by working on the power of the mind alone, that she decided to train in KG Hypnobirthing; allowing her to empower other women and their partners.

"Hypnobirthing is logical, simple and profound. I believe it's the best way to prepare couples for birth." 
– Katherine Graves

After the birth of her daughter, Vega; Gabriella discovered baby massage and baby yoga. These techniques helped her with the bonding process, her confidence as a mother grew and she got to share experiences with other new mums.

"As a new mum it’s not easy, you feel very alone at times and a support system can work wonders."
– Gabriella Mendy

Qualifications are RCM accredited. 

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